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About us


Juan Cardj or Juan Carlos Dober, Valencian dj and producer also known as Juan Cardj.
His musical career began in the early 90’s and since then he has not stopped selecting, mixing and producing music until today. His creations have been released on labels such as Valencia Records, Ecológico Records and 2Real. In addition, he has shared collaborations with renowned artists.
You can find his work on Beatport, Spotify, Itunes, Amazon music and other online stores. You also have all his musical journey on the website
His sound style covers Tech House, Minimal House, Deep House and Techno.

One Dj with more than 30 years of experience.


    Juan Dober en una fiesta privada en cuenca

JUAN DOBER DJ before the decks is careful, very delicate with the mixes and demanding with himself, he likes very much that the mixes are beautiful, he always takes special care of it.
The musical styles that usually sound in his sessions are Tech House, Minimal House, Deep House and Techno.